Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

  • The school enjoys a clean, safe and secure compound with playground fitted with modern fixed equipment and play materials for outdoor activities. Learners spent ample time in our play area enjoying sand play, swings, slides, see-saw, trampoline, climbers and other safe fun games to help build their gross motor skills and coordination


  • We offer co-curricular activities to our learners to enable them grow not just in academics work but for moral upbringing socially, physically and artistically. Some of the activities learners are engaged in are:-


  • Our children enjoy skating lessons at the large school playgrounds

Swimming Lessons

  • These are scheduled class swimming sessions with trained instructors which allow children to enjoy water orientation safe water play and basic swimming techniques.

Trips & Educational Excursions

  • These are offered once a year. Learners are given this opportunity to interact with their environment. This enhances and makes learning real.

Music Festivals

  • This is where talents are tapped, nurtured and opportunities are given during music festivals.
  • We encourage the use of real objects to increase precision and concentration to make learning fun.