About Us

Nairobi Christian AcademyNairobi Christian Academy is a Christian based private school under NCC (Nairobi Christian Church) situated in a serene area in Nasra Gardens Estate in Nairobi. The school has strong pastoral ethos with highly valued stakeholders.

The primary school started with 42 pupils and a total staff of 16, 13 of whom were teachers and the rest non-teaching staff.

Nairobi Christian Academy's approach to education is to develop the child holistically. The private school offers a Kenyan accredited curriculum: - Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) and 8:4:4 system of education.

The curriculum puts emphasis on the development of an all-round pupil which is tandem with our mission. Each child is encouraged to bring forth his/her own qualities and feelings, which are respected. Apart from the purely intellectual side, we recognize other values such as self-expression, socialization, and encouragement of a positive self-image. Our goal is to ensure we excel in this area.

At NCA, we focus on developing children to their highest potentials. Pupils learn through exploration, experience, experimentation, and hands-on discovery. A high standard of discipline is expected from pupils and the school promotes positive behavior management through a programme of rules, rewards, and consequences.

We are raising a generation of leaders that will stand out and be