Pre - School

Preschool offers a 3-year programme, carefully designed for your child.

In our Preschool. Children are placed according to their ages to:-

  • Playgroup
  • Pre Primary One
  • Pre Primary Two

In these levels, children are taught according to the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) system of learning. This is a learner-based centered program that emphasizes and focuses on concrete skills.

We focus on building a strong foundation for our learners with great emphasis on providing them care, nurturing them and offering a clean and safe environment for learning throughout their transition into school.

Therefore, we aim to develop children with knowledge, skills, attitude, and character to ensure their success.

Daily Programme

With favourable learner teacher ratio, learners can expect learning to be both enjoyable and meaningful at our preschool, the school has a scheduled programme to help meet learners' needs and expectations with priority given to the development of literacy and numeracy skills.

This runs from 0800am to 3.30 pm with scheduled breaks in between for tea and lunch.

0800hours Arrival and free – choice activity
0810hours Devotion and health Check
0850hours All children to join their respective classes for morning activities.
1000hours Children break to enjoy their chocolate drink and play together
1030hours Mid-morning class activities resume
1200noon A break for lunch
1300hours Younger children prepare to go home while older children take afternoon classes.
1500hours Preparation to go home and school ends.


Mornings are filled with free – choice activities as children arrive at school. There is plenty of singing, listening to stories that help with language acquisition.

Assembly is held every Monday and Friday. This is a whole school event. Our scouts hoist the flag then there is praise and worship session followed by a prayer.

On Fridays, there is a P.P.I programme.

Meals are prepared by our able kitchen staff, the meals are nutritious, well-balanced and prepared with care.

Monday Porridge Rice and Ndengu with glazed carrots
Tuesday Drinking chocolate and Bread Ugali Beef Stew and Veggies
Wednesday Drinking Chocolate and Bread Chapatti, and Beans with glazed carrots
Thursday Porridge Beef Pilau served with Veggies
Friday Drinking chocolate and Mandazi Rice and vegetable Stew
NB: Fruit in season is served twice a week.